Beauty Treatment – Eyebrow Tinting Facts and Aftercare


We all know how time consuming it is to make your eyebrows look good. There are a lot of products available in the market, such as eyebrow pencil or mascara, which can be applied on a regular basis. However, if you are not a pro, using these products may not really work for you since you have to make sure that the application is even and compliments your entire appearance. Unfortunately, if you are the type of person who’s always “on-the-go,” squeezing this task may not really be for you. Luckily, a new trend is up in the market – eyebrow tinting!

Yes, you got it right. Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent beautification procedure that lets you have that perfectly shaped brows at all times. An ideal way to streamline your beauty regimen, indeed! Le Nails and Beauty’s skilled aestheticians can do that for you at a very affordable price – another great reason why it should not be missed. Our aestheticians are well-equipped with appropriate skills so as to deliver the kind of results you are looking forward to. We can also help you find the right eyebrow shape that will accentuate your features, thus, bringing out your beauty appropriately.

Eyebrow tinting usually lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how you take good care of it. After the procedure, you are not allowed to wash or even touch your brow area for about 24 hours so that the colour will adhere better. Also, continuous exposure to the sun will make the tint fade quicker than expected, so it is advisable to either use an umbrella or a cap whenever you need to go under the sun. Lastly, do not rub your eyebrows so that the tint will not be erased.
It is advisable that you only trust a professional salon to do it because opting for DIY can not only lead you to gruesome looking eyebrows but towards medical conditions that you will certainly be sorry afterwards. Always trust a salon that uses top-of-the-line products in order for you to be safe from any negative conditions such as damaging your eyes or irritating your mucous membranes.

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