2015 Nail Art Trend Alert: CND’s Layered Nail Art Colours


CND has consistently been a treasure trove for the trendiest nail lacquers of every season. So for 2015, nail polish lovers can embrace a whole new line of colour and nail art inspirations that would kick off a great looking set of manicures in time for the new year. From gorgeous metallics to classic old world shades of red, you sure will have a lot of fun with CND 2015 offerings.

When it comes to the cool colours of CND nail polishes, it’s best to incorporate them in layered nail art designs to get the best looking colour in each of your nails—the more, the better! Continue reading

Do These Tips To Keep Your Skin Dewy and Glow-y During This Cold Holiday Season

It’s common for your skin to look particularly pale and dull during this cold season. Scot Barnes, a top celebrity makeup artist, got you a special treat on how to keep your skin looking oh-so good. Learn how Scot gives his clients like Jennifer Lopez a dewy and glow-y looking skin. You can do it too! Continue reading

Nail Designs to Compliment Christmas Fashion


Christmas is just few weeks from now and many people will be busily preparing for this special event. And, one of these preparations, apart from decorating their homes and buying gifts, is what fashion to wear, especially what nail designs to have for women. Indeed, you will find tons of nail designs related to Christmas, but they all have one thing in common—most designs are inspired from Christmas decorations, characters and colours. Continue reading

How to Do a Professional Manicure in 45 Seconds


One way to do a professional manicure and pedicure in a matter of seconds is to use a 5-45 Gelish LED light, compared to traditional UV light nail curing process, which takes 2 minutes or more and consumes more energy. LED light technologies have made our lives easier, as well as more cost-effective in the long-run. Thanks to this discovery, much advancement in tools and gadgetries made many processes more simplified and productive; this includes the process of fast-curing in the nail industry, especially in the manicure field. Having this device as tool for professional beauty technicians is a must and a great investment. Continue reading

How to Restore Dead Fingernails


A dead fingernail is unsightly and sometimes painful; this problem should be fixed immediately to prevent fungal accumulation and infections, which could lead to other health problems. The usual causes of dead fingernails are physical traumas such as accidentally hammering it or it was hit by something else, and fungus that makes the nail brittle and smelly. The usual colours of dead fingernails are black, which is a blood clot found under the surface and root of the nails, and yellowish colours caused by fungal infection. Actually, these problems will naturally come-off, but to prevent infections and other health risks a doctor is needed. Continue reading

Gothic Nail Look to Compliment Dark Dresses

There aren’t really conventions on this, but the basic idea for an overall Gothic look is to wear something dark, elegant and mysterious; this includes how your fingernails will look too, to compliment the dark coloured fashion. The typical colours use are in the dark spectrum such as burgundy, purple, forest green, black, dark reds, dark brown, or midnight blue. You will get more ideas on this if you watch vampire movie. Before starting to colour your nails with Gothic styles, procure the necessary nail polish colours mentioned earlier; it usually comes as a package ready for Gothic lovers, but you can also buy them individually. Continue reading

Nail Colours and Personality Connection

We can generally identify the personality of the person through the nail colour she’s wearing. Though, this is not an exact science, but scientists and psychologists were able to create a report and generalized the basic personality of a person through their colour preferences; there are two colour groups—warm colours and cool colours, which connotes levels of aggressiveness and levels of calmness. Cool colours are tones of greys, blue, green and purple. And, warm colours are tones of red, yellow, orange, tan and brown. We exclude black and white since they are only used to signify the intensity of a colour. Continue reading

Preventing Nails Becoming Prone to Cracking

If fingernails are neglected for some time, then it might become prone to cracking without you being aware with it. From time to time do inspect your fingernails if there are signs of splitting and cracking, especially if your week was full of activities. If there are damages, then fear not, for it can be repaired quite easily. After that you will be able to prevent your nails from becoming prone to cracking or splitting. Continue reading

Dive Into These Fresh, Colourful, Summer Nail Art


It’s that time of the year when the weather is not the only one that’s bright and sunny. Be inspired by the freshest colour of the season. Go from bright florals to fruity confections. Create a sweet nail art design to get your nails ready for long sunny days outdoors or by the beach and wear your flowing sundresses to match. Continue reading

How to Do a Paint Drip Nail Art

Paint drip nail art is the sweetest trend in nail art design. Nail art enthusiasts may have convened and decided to create this acrylic confection that you can easily copy on your own nails. Using the adorable patterns of paint drip prints, you can easily create this look in all your favourite nail colours. With a steady hand and this simple set of step-by-step instructions, you can create your very own paint drip nail art like a pro. Continue reading