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Know what Nail Shape will Flatter your Hands

Most people just focus on their well-polished nails and healthy cuticles, thinking that these are the important things that must be maintained to flatter their hands. Little did they know that the right nail shape is also a factor to … Continue reading

Nail Colours and Personality Connection

We can generally identify the personality of the person through the nail colour she’s wearing. Though, this is not an exact science, but scientists and psychologists were able to create a report and generalized the basic personality of a person … Continue reading

Preventing Nails Becoming Prone to Cracking

If fingernails are neglected for some time, then it might become prone to cracking without you being aware with it. From time to time do inspect your fingernails if there are signs of splitting and cracking, especially if your week … Continue reading

2014 Beauty Trends

From hairstyles to makeups, 2014 has lots of exciting beauty trends that you can easily do yourself. From faux and real bob, red lips, to barely there makeup, we will guide you on how to update your look this year. … Continue reading

Kick Off Your Year by Flaunting Your Nail Art Like a Celebrity

It’s 2014 and there’s no slowing down to the popularity of nail art. While some treat it like a girly indulgence, some simply lives with it. Since the advent of nail art, women were given more exciting choices on how … Continue reading