Choosing the Right Eyebrow Tint Shade


Choosing the right eyebrow tint shade is similar to choosing the best eyebrow pencil for you. It all depends on your hair colour and skin tone for you to efficiently accentuate and frame your face.

In shading your brow, you have to make sure that you make it look natural. If you have dark skin with dark hair, it is advisable to choose a shade that is one or two shade lighter than your original hair colour. There are several eyebrow tints available on the market so you can immediately figure out what will look good on you.

If you are blonde, of course you cannot choose something that is really lighter than your hair colour. It will look odd on you, for sure! What you can do is to choose something that is similar to your original colour, or go one to two shades darker.

If you are still unsure, you can go for the taupe shade. It’s universally flattering no matter what your hair colour is, whether you have blonde or black hair. For blonde, choose a light taupe; for black, choose darker taupe.

If you think you cannot find the best eyebrow tint, you can also experiment and mix several shades to find the best colour that matches you. It can also help in garnering the best result.

It is best to visit your trusted salon for eyebrow tinting so that they can help you assess what will work best on you. Eyebrow tinting is also not an easy procedure and you might not get the right shape, thus, worsening the appearance of your eyebrows. With the help of a skilled aesthetician, you will be guaranteed that your eyebrows are well taken care of.



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