Find Out the Best Brows for Your Hair Colour

Are you looking for some ideas on what shade would be best for your eyebrows? Do you want the flattering looks of Jessica Alba or Camille Belle’s eyebrow colour? Or just looking for an inspiration on how to wear yours, look no further.

Just like a haircut, your eyebrow says a lot about you whether you realise it or not. Brows can soften or define your facial bone structure, enhance your eye colour and can give a subtle or dramatic effect on your overall appearance. However, finding the right match for brow and hair colour combination can be difficult.

Expert makeup artists follow some guidelines on how to change and define brows with these hair and brow combination.

BLONDE – Having fair hair colour, natural blondes are best to tint their brows with darker colours, as it gives an elegant contrast to the eye colour and frames the face more beautifully. Darker brows will give the appearance of a lot more brow which can dramatically change the overall look. If the chosen brow colour appears too dark against the hair colour, experts suggest softening the colour one level. Subtly lightening the brows will warm up the face which is applicable for brunettes who decide to have golden blonde hair.

BRUNETTE – Brunettes with darker brow than their hair colour need not change their brow shade. Normally, brows are supposed to be darker than the hair colour, so the cooler your hair colour is the darker your brows should be. Lifting the arch is often suggested for those who have fine lines due to ageing or angular bone structure. If in cases of thin brows due to over plucking, one may choose a brow shade that blends with the skin tone so it won’t look so pronounced.

REDHEAD – If you dye your hair red, your brows doesn’t need to have the same shade. A pumpkin hue is best suited by brow arches with the smallest tint of copper. On the other hand, cooler shade of redheads is best with dark and rich arches.

RAVEN – Women born with raven hair colour can simply follow the rule of matching black with black. Keep in mind that It is unusual for women with black hair sporting a warmer or lighter shade of eyebrows.

No matter what colour you choose, experts suggest testing at first using temporary brow colours and filling in lightly with sculpting eyebrow pencil for added depth. They also strongly emphasize on not dyeing eyebrows by yourself and instead highly recommend consulting an eyebrow specialist to avoid committing mistakes.



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