Know what Nail Shape will Flatter your Hands


Most people just focus on their well-polished nails and healthy cuticles, thinking that these are the important things that must be maintained to flatter their hands. Little did they know that the right nail shape is also a factor to really improve the glamor and beauty in their hands.

It is important that you trim your nail not just according to your preferences but also by considering your hands and fingers’ sizes. Here are the most popular nail shapes and the type of fingers that it will match better:

1. Square Nails – usually used for French tips, square nails make your fingers longer. It is also ideal for people who have narrow nails beds because it will look stubby. If you have small hands and fingers, this will really bring out the beauty and gracefulness in your hands.

2. Round Nails – if you plan to keep your nails short, round tips are perfect for you as this makes an illusion of thinner nail beds.

3. Oval Nails – the most elegant shape, so they say. It is perfect for long nails, and slims down short fingers. Additionally, it makes your nail beds narrow.

4. Squoval Nails – this nail shape is perfect for everyone!

5. Almond/Point Nails – if you plan to experiment on nail art designs, you must make sure that your nails are long enough so as to really accentuate the design. Almond nails are also perfect for small fingers as it makes an illusion of slenderness and length.

Visit Le Nails & Beauty now and let our experts assess your fingers and hands for proper nail shaping. We always impart knowledge to our clients about different nail tips to make them figure out what will work best on them. Rest assured that your nails are handled by our well-rounded and –skilled employees that have gone through training to master all the guidelines about proper manicure and pedicure procedures.



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